Find out how you can apply Photonic Integrated Circuits

The technology of Photonic Integrated Circuits or PIC's opens up whole new opportunities in improving existing electronic and photonic devices, or enable new ideas to be realised. A wide variety of applications can be devised which make life better, e.g.

  • Ultra-high speed data communication for the next generation Internet
  • Extremely sensitive detectors for gasses, temperatures or strain in mechanical structures securing our environment and the safety of machines
  • New biomedical analysis devices for a quick diagnosis of diseases
  • Communication Sensing Medical application

    Complicated? Certainly not! Let specialists all over Europe help you in assessing your options;
    free of charge!


    The prime objective of EU-supported service ofPICs4All is to:

  • increase the impact of integrated photonics and
  • enable access to advanced Photonic Integrated Circuits

  • The PICS4All specialists support academia, research institutes and SMEs but also larger companies.

    All over Europe you can find PICS4All Application Support Centres (ASCs) with top specialists in the field of PIC technology ready to help you in:
  • Assessing whether your idea or product can be realized using PICs
  • Helping you to determine whether the application of PICs is economically viable
  • Offering support in PIC design, manufacturing and evaluations
  • PICs4All aims at low-cost development of ASPICs (taylor made or Application Specific PICs) using the generic foundry model, and rapid prototyping via industrial Multi-Project Wafer runs. To this end, PICs4All brings together the PIC-value chain of Europe’s key players in the field of photonic integration, including Photonic IC design houses, photonic CAD software partners, manufacturing and packaging partners, and R&D labs for testing.

    In addition, PICs4ALL colaborates with ACTPHAST (Access CenTer for PHotonics innovAtion Solutions and Technology Support) which is a “one-stop-shop” for supporting photonics innovation by European companies, which is financially supported by the European Commission under the FP7 framework (Grant Agreement No. 619205).

    The access to top-level experts and leading photonics technology platforms provided by the ACTPHAST consortium is realized through focused innovation projects executed in relatively short timeframes (typically 6-9 months) with a critical mass of suitably qualified companies with high potential product concepts.

    The ACTPHAST program is particularly suited to the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who do not have the financial resources to invest in in-house R&D expertise and state-of-the-art technologies, nor to undertake risky innovation projects. ACTPHAST support is 100% subsidized for projects undertaken with SMEs. It is designed to provide open access to photonics innovation support for all European companies who meet the eligibility criteria. If you want to be contacted by ACTPHAST you can register your interest by filling the following form.