PICs4ALL Application Note: Photonic Integrated Circuits for Tunable Delay Lines

A delay line is a device that allows controlling the propagation delay of signals in a continuous mode, ensuring a true-time-delay operation on large operative bandwidths. Induce a temporal delay on a signal it is not an easy task. Apart digital electronics that can take advantage of shift registers for a discrete arbitrary delay, in analog electronics, microwave and photonics a continuously variable delay without moving parts isdifficult to achieve. However, integrated photonic circuits offer a number of solutions to achieve truetime- delay in very compact, flexible and potentially low cost devices ...Continue reading


PICs4ALL Application Note: Optical Gyroscope Systems

Modern airplanes, drones, guided missiles and spacecrafts require highly accurate and reliable inertial navigation systems. One of the essential components of such systems is the gyroscope, a device that measures the angular velocity of a flying object. Gyroscopes can be realized utilizing various techniques of rotation rate detection – mechanical, microelectromechanical or optical. Nowadays, the optical gyros are widely deployed due to their compact dimensions combined with an excellent performance in terms of excellent stability and low power consumption, which are essential parameters in aviation and space applications ...Continue reading


PICs4ALL Newsletter _ April 2018

Welcome to the fourth newsletter of the EU H2020 PICs4All project. In view of the high growth rate (CAGR of 8% since 2015) of photonics, its placement as KET(Key enable technology) in Europe and its high importance globally, several market studies and roadmaps have been released at the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 coming from USA (IPRS) and Europe (Photonics21)...Continue reading


PICs4ALL Application Note: Gas Sensing

Gas sensors and analyzers find applications in many fields, including (bio)chemical industry for safety and environmental monitoring, automotive for exhaust monitoring, agriculture for greenhouse gas and odor regulation, and general environmental sensing in urban areas for monitoring pollutants and warning people with respiratory diseases. Human health and safety and greenhouse emissions are the main rationales ...Continue reading


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