Get support

1. Registration of interest

Register your name and some basic of your company/organization details by using the online registration form and you will receive an e-mail with a techno-economic template attached on it. We have prepared such template in order to help you focusing on the technical and economic requirements of your application which will allow us to guide you through the PIC development flow.

2. Send back the techno-economic template

Once you have filled in the techno-economic template, please send it back to and you will be assigned to an ASC for support. If you don’t know how to fill in the template, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for help.

3. User assignment to an ASC

At this stage the user is assigned to an ASC based on the geographical location and the ASC competences. During this stage the ASCs will provide technical and economic feasibility information (available technologies, development time, costs…). Also at this stage, there will be a short telephone interview with the project coordinator.

4. Scouting and advisory

Local ASC coordinator appoints contact person and responsible expert from the team, and visit the company/organization to get more details. A summary and a list of further actions to be taken with the company will be prepared. At the end of this phase you will decide together with the ASC whether continue with the identified actions or not.

5. Project and user support

When the outcome of the application assessment is positive, the ASC will prepare a description of work based on contract/agreement with the user and, depending on your needs and expectations, you will start being supported by the ASCs on design, manufacturing, testing and packaging. The ASCs will guide users through the development chain of PICs and advise them in various stages of this process. All guidance and support activities carried out by the ASCs are free of charge during the duration of the project.